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Heat Tracing / Heat Panels

Heat Panels / Heat Tracing for tanks
Since Sodium Hydroxide 50% solutions freeze at 58 degrees F., it is necessary to keep the storage temperature in the 65 to 85 degree F. range.  If the liquid dips below 65 degrees F., the viscosity increases to the point that it is difficult or impossible to pump.

Adding heating panels, which are known as Heat Tracing, to the exterior of the tank is the most common way to keep the Sodium Hydroxide at its 'maintenance temperature'.  The Heat Tracing is controlled by a digital control box which is included in the heat tracing package.  The control box is normally mounted on the exterior sidewall of the tank.

We calculate the size and power of the Heat Tracing with information you supply regarding the desired maintenance temperature of the liquid and the zip code where the tank will be installed.  The Heat Tracing is calculated to deal with the lowest recorded temperature for the intended tank location.  Heat tracing is installed on the tank at our plant.

Polyurethane tank insulation is usually installed as part of the temperature maintenance package.  We recommend a 2" thick  layer of closed cell Polyurethane foam insulation covered by a white mastic coating.  This is also installed at our plant.  The effect of the insulation is factored into the calculations for the Heat Tracing.
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